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Principle of harmonic deceleration

Principle of harmonic deceleration


Harmonic is used as a reducer, usually in the form of active wave generator, fixed rigid wheel, and flexible wheel output.


When the wave generator is installed in the inner circle of the flexspline, the flexspline is forced to elastically deform and become an elliptical shape, so that the flexspline gear at the long axis is inserted into the tooth groove of the rigid wheel to become a fully meshed state; and the short axis is The teeth of the two wheels do not touch at all and are in a disengaged state. Don't be in the engaged or engaged state during the process from engagement to disengagement. When the wave generator rotates continuously, the flexspline is forced to continuously deform, so that the teeth of the two wheels continuously change their working states during the process of meshing, meshing, meshing, and disengaging, resulting in the so-called wrong teeth Movement, thus realizing the movement transmission between the active wave generator and the flexspline.

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