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It has high-precision transmission such as modular cabinet sealing and transit products, electrical connection solutions, LFB series Harmonic Gearbox, harmonic reducers, LFB series harmonic drive reducer, HCS series harmonic reducer, RV reducers, etc.

HCS series Gear Harmonic Box
HCS-I series flexspline is a cup-shaped standard tube structure, and the input shaft is directly matched with the inner hole of the wave generator. Connect by flat key. Generally, the steel wheel end is fixed and the flexible wheel end is output.
HST-I type Harmonic Drive Gear Box
The HST-I series flexspline is a hollow flanged standard tube structure, and the whole machine has a compact structure. The input shaft is directly matched with the inner hole of the wave generator and connected by flat keys. It can be used in the connection mode of rigid wheel end fixed and flexible wheel end output; it can also be used in the connection mode of flexible wheel end fixed and rigid wheel end output.
HST-III Gearbox Reducer
The HST-Ⅲ series flexspline is a hollow flanged standard tube structure. There is a large-diameter hollow shaft hole in the middle of the wave generator cam. The reducer is designed with a supporting bearing and a fully sealed structure. It is easy to install. It is very suitable for the center of the reducer. Use when threading.
LFB series Strain Wave Gearbox
Small size and light weight, suitable for machines with limited installation space.
HST-IV Shaft input type Harmonic Reduction Gearbox
HST-IV series flexspline is a hollow-flanged standard barrel structure. The inner hole of the reducer is designed with support bearings, fully sealed structure, easy to install, shaft input form, suitable for synchronous belt connection and occasions requiring shaft input.
RV-E series reducer
The standard coaxial RV-E reducer has excellent performance in a very compact and high-precision component configuration.
RV-C series reducer
The RV-C hollow shaft reducer is equipped with a central through hole and component configuration to achieve greater design flexibility and space saving.
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Strong production strength and efficient shipping speed

The company’s plant adopts a number of advanced production equipment, advanced technology, large-scale plant personnel, and an independent and complete production system. From raw material procurement, to finished product testing, to outbound delivery.

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High-quality products, various product specifications

Regarding quality: large transmission speed ratio, high transmission accuracy, strong load-bearing capacity, and can transmit motion to confined spaces; Regarding product selection: Adhering to the principle of keeping close to the market and technological innovation.

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Comprehensive service, real-time response to customers

Regardless of the quantity purchased, SF Express delivers timely and timely delivery; we continue to push high-quality and high-grade services to the market to provide services to our customers, 7x24 hours service, real-time response to customers.

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Customers trust choiceWord of mouth witness

Homwing Technology adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, pragmatism, and innovation", participates in market competition with a sincere service attitude, pursues sustainable development, and is dedicated to providing new and...

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Professional supplier of precision harmonic reducer with independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands

Shenzhen Homwing Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2014, based on long-term accumulated experience in mechanical design and manufacturing, various types of harmonic reducers have been developed according to the different needs of customers. The company is in a stage of rapid development, and the plant, equipment, and personnel are constantly expanding , Now has a group of experienced technical and management personnel, equipped with advanced equipment, complete testing methods and product manufacturing and design capabilities.

Product design and production can be carried out according to customer needs, and a variety of high-precision transmission components such as harmonic reducers and RV reducers have been formed; all kinds of machinery produced by our company are both speed and accuracy.....

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2020 ITES Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition Review
On September 01-04, 2020, 2020 ITES Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition was grandly opened at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall). The exhibition gathered top domestic robot manufacturers, robot parts R&D manufacturers, and various R&D institutions.
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HST-IV Shaft input type harmonic reducer For sale introduces the working principle of the flexible wheel in the wave generator

HST-IV Shaft input type harmonic reducer For sale tells you that before assembly, the flex spline and its inner hole are round. HST-IV Shaft input type harmonic reducer For sale tells you that when the wave generator is installed in the inner hole of the flex spline, since the length of the wave generator is slightly larger than the diameter of the inner hole of the flex spline, the flex spline will be elliptical.

HST-IV Shaft input type harmonic reducer Wholesale Price introduces the composition structure of harmonic gear reducer

HST-IV Shaft input type harmonic reducer Wholesale Price tells you that the harmonic gear reducer consists of three main components: rigid spline, flexible spline, and wave generator. Among them, the HST-IV Shaft input type harmonic reducer Wholesale Price tells you that the wave generator is the driving part, and one of the rigid wheels and the flexible wheel is the driving part.
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