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Mechanical arm

Mechanical arm


Founded in 2014, based on long-term accumulated experience in mechanical design and manufacturing, various types of harmonic reducers have been developed according to the different needs of customers. The company is in a stage of rapid development, and the plant, equipment, and personnel are constantly expanding , Now has a group of experienced technical and management personnel, equipped with advanced equipment, complete testing methods and product manufacturing and design capabilities.

Product design and production can be carried out according to customer needs, and a variety of high-precision transmission components such as harmonic reducers and RV reducers have been formed; all kinds of machinery produced by our company are of high quality regardless of speed and accuracy, with leading technology and good reputation Good, the products are sold all over the country, and have established a good reputation in the industries of industrial robots, machine tools, medical equipment, laser processing, cutting, dispensing, brush making, LED equipment manufacturing, and precision electronic equipment.

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