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Harmonic drive characteristics

Harmonic drive characteristics


High precision: Multi-tooth meshing at two positions of 180 degrees at the same time, so the gear pitch error and accumulated pitch error have a more average influence on the rotation accuracy, and extremely high position accuracy and rotation accuracy can be obtained.


Large transmission ratio: The transmission ratio of the single-stage harmonic gear transmission can be selected from i=30 to 500, and the structure is simple. Three basic zero parts on the coaxial line can realize the reduction ratio.


High load-carrying capacity: In harmonic transmission, the tooth-to-tooth meshing is in surface contact, and the number of simultaneous meshing is relatively large, so the load per unit area is small and the load-bearing capacity is higher than other transmission forms.


Small size and light weight: Compared with ordinary gear devices, the size and weight can be greatly reduced, achieving miniaturization and weight reduction.


Transmission efficiency, long life


Smooth transmission, no impact, low noise

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