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How to solve the noise problem of harmonic reducer?

How to solve the noise problem of harmonic reducer?

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  • Time of issue:2021-08-09
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(Summary description)Normal use and regular maintenance within the load range can reduce the noise of harmonic reducer

How to solve the noise problem of harmonic reducer?


How to solve the noise problem of harmonic reducer?


The harmonic reducer realizes the harmonic drive function through elastic deformation. Compared with other gear reducers, its noise is relatively small, and the main cause of noise is caused by the friction, vibration and collision of gear drive. How to effectively reduce the noise and what problems should be paid attention to in use. This paper will introduce the use and maintenance of the reducer.

Timely and rational use of lubricating oil: the wrong use of lubricating grease, unreasonable lubrication and wrong use of lubricating grease will cause immeasurable damage to the reducer. When rotating at high speed, the gear tooth surface friction will produce large stellar heat energy. Improper lubrication will lead to tooth surface damage, affect the accuracy of accuracy, and increase the noise. In the design, proper calculation must be made between gear pairs to compensate for thermal deformation and store lubricating oil. Rational use and selection of lubricating oil can ensure the safe and effective operation of the system, delay the deterioration trend of the system and stabilize the noise level.


The following are the methods to reduce the noise of harmonic reducer


1.Correct use of harmonic reducer: normal use according to the load range specified by the manufacturer can avoid damage and damage of parts and ensure the stability of noise level. Wrong use of harmonic reducer: the noise of harmonic reducer will increase with the increase of load, and the use of illegal super large load will increase its noise and greatly shorten its service life.


2.Regular maintenance: regularly replace the grease of harmonic reducer, replace worn parts, tighten loose parts, remove internal impurities, and realize the functions of gearbox cleaning and rapid filtering of waste oil, which can ensure the safe operation of harmonic reducer, reduce noise and prolong service life


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