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HSD-I series Harmonic Gear Reducer

HSD-I series Harmonic Gear Reducer

HSD series flexspline with flanaing ultra-short tube structure. Which can be used when the circular spline is fixed and the flexspline as the end output, It can also be used to fix the flexspline, and the circular spline as the end output.

Product description
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Model Reduction ratio Rated torque at 2000r/min input Permissible peak torque at start and stop Permissible maximum value for average Load torque Permissible  maximum momentary torque input rotational speed (Grease) Permissible average input rotational speed (Greaae) Backlash Desian life
    Nm Nm Nm Nm r/min r/min Arc Sec Hour
14 50 3.7 12 4.8 23 8500 3500 <20 9000
80 5.1 15 6.2 29 10000
100 5.4 19 7.7 35 10000
17 50 11 23 18 48 7300 3500 <20 9000
80 14 29 21 54 10000
100 16 37 27 71 10000
20 50 17 39 24 69 7300 3500 <20 9000
80 23 49 28 78 10000
100 28 57 34 95 10000

Recommended Products

HCS series Gear Harmonic Box
HCS-I series flexspline is a cup-shaped standard tube structure, and the input shaft is directly matched with the inner hole of the wave generator. Connect by flat key. Generally, the steel wheel end is fixed and the flexible wheel end is output.
HST-I type Harmonic Drive Gear Box
The HST-I series flexspline is a hollow flanged standard tube structure, and the whole machine has a compact structure. The input shaft is directly matched with the inner hole of the wave generator and connected by flat keys. It can be used in the connection mode of rigid wheel end fixed and flexible wheel end output; it can also be used in the connection mode of flexible wheel end fixed and rigid wheel end output.
HST-III Gearbox Reducer
The HST-Ⅲ series flexspline is a hollow flanged standard tube structure. There is a large-diameter hollow shaft hole in the middle of the wave generator cam. The reducer is designed with a supporting bearing and a fully sealed structure. It is easy to install. It is very suitable for the center of the reducer. Use when threading.
LFB series Strain Wave Gearbox
Small size and light weight, suitable for machines with limited installation space.
HST-IV Shaft input type Harmonic Reduction Gearbox
HST-IV series flexspline is a hollow-flanged standard barrel structure. The inner hole of the reducer is designed with support bearings, fully sealed structure, easy to install, shaft input form, suitable for synchronous belt connection and occasions requiring shaft input.
RV-E series reducer
The standard coaxial RV-E reducer has excellent performance in a very compact and high-precision component configuration.
RV-C series reducer
The RV-C hollow shaft reducer is equipped with a central through hole and component configuration to achieve greater design flexibility and space saving.


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