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Electric Gripper

Electric gripper - precise control and efficient operation selection. Advanced electric drive system, fast and precise opening and closing action. Adjust clamping force, angle, and speed to improve production efficiency. Multiple safety functions and fault detection mechanisms ensure operational safety. Integrate with the control system to achieve remote monitoring and operation. Suitable for high loads and harsh environments. Various sizes, models, and accessory options. Excellent performance, efficient operation, and reliable quality. Advanced technical support and thoughtful after-sales service.


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HEPG-HP Series
High precision electric parallel gripper series: high-precision, high stiffness, five sided installation, drop detection, networking application, used in 3C electronics, precision manufacturing, electrical appliances, medical and other industries
HEPG series
Electric parallel gripper series: four sided installation, networking application, ultra large stroke, precise force control, IP65 protection level, drop detection, grab feedback, power failure self-locking, used in 3C electronics, precision manufacturing, electrical appliances, medical and other industries
HEPG-M Series
Three sided installation, networking application, two adjustable clamping forces
HERG Series
Accurate force, position, and rotation angle adjustable and controllable Forward and reverse infinite rotation Drive 1 reflects networking applications, with ultra-thin dimensions Can be used for 3C electronics, automotive and related industries, precision manufacturing, electrical appliances, healthcare, education Lightweight electric rotary gripper with a stroke of 8MM, strong compatibility, high integration, and compact size
HEVS Series
Electric vacuum actuator. Energy saving air source system, easy to use, easy to install, editable and controllable
HLEPG series
Two sided installation, networking application Highly integrated, five fold protection
HST-V series Harmonic Gear Reducer
Harmonic Gear Reducer - Large hollow bore flat shape, easy to handle combination product. The middle can be crossed with a wire or air tube. Ultra-thin version. Can be used for machines with limited installation space for harmonic reducers.
HFS-I series Wave Reducer
HSD-I series Harmonic Gear Reducer
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