Automotive aftermarket chain stores 6 major trends

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The online platform of the auto supplies chain store will become a "cloud platform" for auto products that integrates high-quality products, high-quality service providers and high-quality customer groups ".

Trend 1: The online platform of auto supplies chain stores will be built into a "cloud platform" for high-quality products, high-quality service providers and high-quality customers ".


In the future, auto supplies chain stores, in terms of product resources, in addition to their original brand manufacturers, can also gather high-quality suppliers from all over the country.


On the ground service providers, in addition to continuing to expand self-operated stores and franchise stores, they can also integrate excellent auto supplies service providers across the country to meet the needs of customers across the country.


In terms of members, through the good products and construction services of the micro-mall, word-of-mouth communication is formed and members are accumulated. At the same time, marketing means such as coupons, vouchers, extension and registration are used to benefit customers and enhance their stickiness to the micro-mall. For example, coupons can only be obtained by "evaluation" after purchasing goods, which will make consumers realize that coupons are not easy to get, and only deduct the amount of goods in the next purchase, so as to promote secondary consumption.


Trend 2: "online purchase offline service" shopping model will become the absolute mainstream


If car chain enterprises do e-commerce in the form of online and offline separation, the consequences will be unimaginable. Imagine that a car owner bought high-quality and low-cost car products in your micro-mall, but casually found a service shop to install them. As a result, the installation is not good. The car owner will only blame your product problems, and the brand image of the chain store will be affected.


Therefore, the wisest way for car chain stores in the future is to provide a shopping mode of "online purchase and offline service": customers place an order in the micro-mall to purchase or reserve "support installation" auto parts products, and then quickly find the nearest chain store through the LBS geographic location of the micro-mall, experience the goods in the past, feel good about on-site installation after the experience, and return the goods on the spot if not. In other words, the chain store has become a "experience store construction store" closely connected with the online, and at the same time solves customers' concerns about product quality and installation.


Trend 3: The expansion of construction stores will not be limited to self-operated stores and franchise stores, and the national auto supplies service stores can be quickly copied into construction stores.


Only when the construction shop covers all parts of the country can it better meet the needs of customers. But only rely on chain enterprises to expand new stores, it is difficult to achieve. The best way is to introduce and sign up for ready-made excellent auto repair shops, auto beauty shops and auto supplies shops all over the country, all of which will become service providers of micro-shopping malls. Of course, these service providers do not participate in the sales of micro-mall products, only provide construction services.


In this regard, the micro mall platform must also build a cooperation program. The responsibility of the platform is to bring new customers to the construction shop and distribute the profits earned by the enterprise to the offline service shop for service. The working process of the construction shop is that when the customer chooses it as the construction shop, the back-office management of the shop will receive the notification immediately, wait until the headquarters delivers the goods to the construction shop, and the construction shop calls the customer to make an appointment for installation. Such a program has a clear division of labor and can be quickly replicated and expanded.


Trend 4: Customers can buy "4S accessories 4S service" at the price of counterfeit goods and ordinary auto repair shop service"


Large auto supplies chain stores can generally take goods directly from auto brand accessory manufacturers at low prices. In addition, they can attract high-quality and low-cost suppliers through the micro-mall platform. The integrated construction stores are also screened layer by layer, with construction fees clearly marked and construction process standards unified. In this way, it is not impossible for customers to buy 4S store products and services at the price of counterfeit products and ordinary auto repair shop services.


Trend 5: "Centralization" of products and services and "decentralization" of how they are purchased and disseminated"


In the past, when consumers choose car products, they need to rely on their own judgment to identify inferior products and compare them many times. However, in the future, consumers will only become more and more lazy, who is willing to go to a big market with a mix of fish and dragons to slowly scour goods? What they need more is a unified standard, information transparent online sales platform for genuine accessories, can give them professional shopping guidelines, there are perfect offline service providers for them to choose from. This is why future automotive products and services must be centralized.


So why will the future of shopping and communication be "decentralized"? That is because, in the era of socialization, each individual is a self-centered "self-media", with absolute voice and influence in his own circle. In addition, the shopping form of users has become mobile and fragmented, and more and more shopping will be carried out through the sharing of others in the future. However, for the micro-mall, the traffic is becoming more and more expensive now, and it is unrealistic to drain it entirely by oneself.


You can recommend car friends through car friends. Based on hobbies and circles, it is easy to cross trust barriers and quickly expand customer base and realize transactions. Just like the "multi-level commission" used by many auto supplies merchants at present, customers are allowed to promote their mall home page and commodity page through circle of friends, QQ, microblog, etc. If someone clicks or buys, the owner can get a commission. The commission earned can be directly purchased from the mall, and car owners are naturally happy to do so. It is not difficult to see that the social form of "decentralized" communication and shopping has gradually become popular.


Trend 6: The right to leave and stay of product and service providers is determined by the customer.


In the future, car chain enterprises will take the user as the center and put the decision of products and services in the hands of customers. Take the construction store as an example, the micro-mall will only strictly examine the qualifications and venues of the service providers settled in. after becoming a contracted store, it will hand over the choice to the users and survive the fittest according to the opinions of the users. The products are also reviewed and scored by customers, spurring the mall platform to introduce better products.


In fact, the above six major trends are not profound, and most people put them aside after reading them. However, some automobile chain enterprises smell the future value from them, and make use of the "chain branch O2O multi-level sub-commission API" mode of Micronet microgrid to turn the future trend into reality ahead of time.

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