What is the harmonic gearbox? Look at the harmonic drive manufacturers to give you the answer

There are a lot of equipment in the run up to quickly achieve the effect of deceleration is not an easy thing, which needs through the reducer of this equipment to be able to achieve the effect of deceleration,



The role of robot reducer in reducing manufacturing costs

With the development of robot technology, the role of robot reducer in the manufacturing process has attracted more and more attention. The robot reducer can effectively reduce the speed of the robot, which can reduce the manufacturing cost.



How does the harmonic reducer solve the noise problem?

How does the harmonic gearbox solve the noise problem? The following is how to solve the noise problem of the reducer:



Improve the performance of precision reducer, extend the service life need to pay attention to what aspects?

For the reducer, both the performance and the length of service life are directly related to the operator, so there are many things to pay attention to if you want to improve the performance of the reducer and extend its service life.



The structure and working principle of AGV drive rudder wheel

AGV drive rudder wheel is one of the commonly used drive components in large mechanical equipment, which can realize the positioning, control and adjustment of mechanical equipment.



Eight benefits of using harmonic reducers in robot performance

Harmonic gearbox: high performance, precision, lightweight, low noise, high efficiency, easy installation.

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