What is the harmonic gearbox? Look at the harmonic drive manufacturers to give you the answer

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There are a lot of equipment in the run up to quickly achieve the effect of deceleration is not an easy thing, which needs through the reducer of this equipment to be able to achieve the effect of deceleration,

The harmonic gearbox is a novel transmission structure within gearboxs, comprising a stationary internal gear (circular spline), a flexspline, and a wave generator that induces radial deformation in the flexspline. This system leverages controlled elastic deformation waves in the flexspline to achieve power and motion transfer through differential tooth engagement with the circular spline. Distinct from conventional gear transmission, harmonic gearboxs offer unique advantages in engagement theory, assembly calculation, and structural design, featuring high precision and load-bearing capabilities. Remarkably, these reducers use 50% less material and are at least one-third lighter and smaller in volume compared to traditional reducers.

Like planetary gear systems, harmonic drives are constructed from three core components: a stationary internal gear (circular spline), a flexspline (a flexible, thin-walled, cylindrical, external gear connected at its base to the drive shaft), and a wave generator that causes the flexspline to form an elliptical shape, enabling engagement over the full working height on the ellipse’s major axis, while a radial gap forms along the minor axis. With the wave generator rotating, the flexspline consistently resembles this shape.

Harmonic gearboxs consist primarily of the circular spline, flexspline, and wave generator. The wave generator acts as the driving component, with one of either the circular spline or flexspline acting as the driven element. The circular spline is a stationary internal gear, while the flexspline is a deformable, thin-walled external gear. They share a common pitch but differ in tooth count, usually by two teeth, to depict the wave number of the flexspline deformation. The wave generator typically includes an elliptical disc and a flexible ball bearing, or a cam with rollers on both ends, usually acting as the prime mover with either the flexspline or circular spline as the driven component and the other fixed in place.

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