Harmonic gearbox heating causes and solutions

Harmonic reducer plays an important role in the production of many factories. Due to its small size, light weight and high deceleration effect, it is adopted by many factories.



Shenzhen reducer which manufacturer is better?

Reducer is widely used, the market demand is very large, so there are many manufacturers of reducer, especially in big cities, there are many manufacturers in Shenzhen, and if enterprises need to use reducer,



AGV drive the steering wheel with higher precision and smooth operation is worth choosing

The drive rudder wheel can be seen in many mechanical equipment, and it can be said that the drive rudder wheel has been widely used in all walks of life. With the continuous upgrading of the driving rudder wheel, AGV driving rudder wheel also appears in people's view. This driving rudder wheel has greater advantages over ordinary driving rudder wheel, and the use of this rudder wheel in the production process of enterprises will definitely not suffer losses.



What should be paid attention to in the supplement and replacement of lubricating oil for reducer?

Whether it is Taiwan planetary reducer or other brands of reducer products, in the use of the process need to be regularly replaced lubricating oil. Some manufacturers do not add lubricating oil to the reducer when they leave the factory. The reducer needs to be replaced after a period of use. So, what happens if you forget to replace the lubricating oil in the reducer?



How to define the price of harmonic reducer? See the equipment power decision

How to improve the quality of products? This is a problem that many enterprises are thinking about. According to relevant experts, the use of harmonic reducer can improve the performance of enterprise products to a certain extent. From the perspective of market research, the price of harmonic reducer is chaotic, what kind of price is there, how is the price of this kind of equipment defined.



Harmonic reducer how to solve the noise problem

Harmonic reducer is through the elastic deformation of the harmonic drive function, compared to other gear reducer its noise is relatively small, and the main reason for the noise is the gear drive friction, vibration and collision

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