Improve the performance of precision reducer, extend the service life need to pay attention to what aspects?

For the reducer, both the performance and the length of service life are directly related to the operator, so there are many things to pay attention to if you want to improve the performance of the reducer and extend its service life.



Eight benefits of using harmonic reducers in robot performance

Harmonic gearbox: high performance, precision, lightweight, low noise, high efficiency, easy installation.



Do you know what to pay attention to when operating a harmonic drive

Key points for the installation and operation of harmonic drives include centering the transmission center axis, avoiding external loads, and lubrication maintenance.



What methods can prevent harmonic reducer rust

The following is a method to prevent the rust of harmonic reducer: 1. Harmonic reducer is a fixed internal gear. A flexspline. and a wave generator that causes the flexspline to deform radially,



The more precise the precision reducer, the more difficult it is to operate? Is the purchase cost high?

There are many application fields of the reducer. In the key precision instrument manufacturing field, very precise equipment is required. The requirements for the reducer are also relatively high. It is necessary to use a precision reducer. Is the more precise the reducer, the more difficult it is to operate?



How to deal with the heating problem of harmonic reducer

Harmonic reducer plays an important role in the production of many factories. The harmonic reducer is small in size, light in weight, and has a high-precision deceleration effect, so it is adopted by many factories.