What methods can prevent harmonic reducer rust

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The following is a method to prevent the rust of harmonic reducer: 1. Harmonic reducer is a fixed internal gear. A flexspline. and a wave generator that causes the flexspline to deform radially,

The following are the methods to prevent the harmonic reducer from rusting:
1. Harmonic reducer is a fixed internal gear. A flexspline. And make the soft wheel to produce radial deformation of the wave generator, it is the use of flexible gear to cause the operation of the elastic deformation wave, resulting in rigid gear and soft wheel between the relative wrong teeth to transmit power and fitness equipment. Harmonic reducer plays the role of pairing speed and transmission torque in the prime mover and working machinery or actuator, and is widely used in contemporary machinery and equipment. The corrosion of the reducer is caused by the existence of oxygen and water in the lubricating oil, while the corrosion is caused by the acid and sulfide in the lubricating oil. We are able to add rust inhibitors and preservatives to prevent the lubricating oil from rusting.

2. inject lubricating oil into the conflict surface between the moving parts of the harmonic reducer to form an oil film, avoid metal contact, reduce wear, and prevent the anti-rust layer from falling off.

3. Keep the harmonic reducer clean and dry.
4. Plating. Hot plating and other ways in the harmonic reducer surface coated with a layer of non-rusty metal, so that the formation of a layer of fine oxide film, and then the reducing agent and water. Direct contact with air and other materials rust.
Corrosion seriously affects the service life and efficiency of harmonic reducer. Therefore, in order to ensure the long-term use of the harmonic reducer, it is recommended to do the above anti-rust measures before using the harmonic reducer.



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