8 Benefits of Using Harmonic Reducers in Robot Performance

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8 major benefits of using harmonic reducer in robot performance: high reduction ratio; small backlash; high precision; few parts, easy installation; small size and light weight; high torque capacity; high efficiency; low noise.

1. High reduction ratio; single-stage coaxial can obtain a high reduction ratio of 1/50~1/160. The structure and structure are simple, but a high reduction ratio device can be realized.

2. Small backlash; Unlike ordinary gear meshing, the backlash is extremely small, which is an indispensable element in the field of controllers.

3. High precision; multi-tooth meshing at the same time, and there are two 180-degree symmetrical gear meshing, so the gear pitch error and cumulative pitch error on the rotation accuracy of the average, so that the position accuracy and rotation accuracy to the level.

4. There are few parts and easy installation; the three basic parts realize high reduction ratio, and they are all on the same axis, so the kit is easy to install and the shape is simple.

5. Small size and light weight; compared with previous gear devices, the volume is 1/3 and the weight is 1/2, but the same torque capacity and reduction ratio can be obtained, achieving small size and light weight.

6. High torque capacity; the flexible wheel material uses special steel with high fatigue strength. Different from ordinary transmission devices, the number of teeth meshing at the same time accounts for about 30% of the total number of teeth, and it is surface contact, so that the pressure on each gear is reduced and a high torque capacity can be obtained.

7. High efficiency; the sliding of the meshing parts of the gear teeth is very small, which reduces the power loss caused by friction. Therefore, while obtaining a high reduction ratio, the miniaturization of the drive motor is realized.

8. Low noise; low circumferential speed of tooth meshing, balanced transmission of motion, so the operation is quiet and the vibration is minimal.

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