2022 Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition ended perfectly on August 7

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Shenzhen Honghui Harmonic 2022 will then be held at Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center (2022 Central China Industrial Expo) from August 12 to 14 at booth number 1A95. Welcome to Da Jia!!!

With the in-depth development of the new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the strategic game of major powers further focuses on the manufacturing industry. The future manufacturing industry is not standardized and large-scale, but high-end, intelligent and green development. In the new round of adjustment of the global industrial structure, whoever can take the lead in intelligence will have stronger competitiveness and thus have an advantage in future competition. This exhibition in the global manufacturing industry intelligent manufacturing trend surging, the machining industry is facing a new round of economic changes in the background of the wonderful sailing, Honghui harmonic after careful preparation, with superb technical level, high performanceharmonic reducerIt has become a bright spot in the same industry, facing the vast number of users in the field of intelligence. From the morning of August 3 to the afternoon of August 7, the high-profile 25th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition and Qingdao International Expo Center opened grandly! Welcome to Honghui Precision!


The first day of the exhibition was full of popularity, the crowd was surging, and the members of Honghui and the audience were engaged in interactive exchanges,Honghui HarmonicIn the reducer industry has made long-term development, remarkable achievements, has a certain brand accumulation, steady development, with good market action ability, Honghui's harmonic reducer has played a pivotal role in the industry, the company's products are also more mature, products with long life, strong rigidity, high precision transmission, excellent reliability and other characteristics, by the majority of users and friends and automation enterprises recognition and dependence.



Qingdao International Machine Tool Show has finished perfectly. Shenzhen Honghui Harmonic 2022 will be held on August 12-14Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center (2022 Central China Industrial Expo), Booth No. 1A95,Welcome to Da Jia!!!

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