Matters needing attention in the arrangement of harmonic reducer

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During the use of the harmonic reducer, we should pay attention to various aspects, such as base type installation, flange type installation, torque arm installation, output shaft plus shape coupling, matching tolerance when hollow shaft and solid shaft are connected, and bench Holes on the surface, mounting bolts, etc.

1. For base type installation, the center line height shall be calibrated,CouplingThe coaxiality of the two shafts shall be calibrated during connection. The floating amount of flexible coupling shall not exceed the allowable range of the coupling, and the form and position tolerance of each installation connection must be ensured during rigid connection. The long shaft connection also requires sufficient rigidity of the shaft.

2. Flange installation, the shoulder (or concave shoulder) should be well matched to avoid dislocation. When flange type installation and connection with hollow shaft, the form and position tolerance of connection shall be ensured in particular.

3. Torque arm installation, the active hollow shaft and the passive shaft should be well matched, the floating of the passive shaft or the vibration of the equipment should be less than the allowable range of the elastic block, and the force arm should be fixed and locked.

4. When adding the output shaft to the coupling, pulley, gear, sprocket, etc., do not hit it hard. Apply the screw hole at the outer end of the output shaft and press in the coupling pulley, gear, sprocket and stirring type. Radial force should also be considered.

5. When the hollow shaft is connected with the solid shaft, the fitting tolerance H7.H6 shall be coated with anti-rust oil.

6. Prepare a rigid foundation or a solid bench to install the transmission equipment. At the same time, it is necessary to fully consider that even if the maximum load is added, the position of the assembled components will not be changed.

7. InstallationElevatorWhen, the hole on the bench surface should be as small as possible in advance to meet the convenience of the screw rod.

8. The installation bolts are generally of grade 8.8. If there is high temperature or vibration impact, please hit the cylindrical pin to avoid loosening. Bozheng Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. Technology Department provides a reliable guarantee, sincere cooperation, common development, create a brilliant tomorrow.

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