Harmonic reducer in the installation of the matters needing attention?

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In order to effectively avoid the possibility of vibration and abnormal noise during operation of the harmonic reducer due to errors during assembly. In the assembly of harmonic reducer should pay attention to the wave generator and rigid flexible wheel

In order to effectively avoid the possibility of vibration and abnormal noise during operation of the harmonic reducer due to errors during assembly. The following precautions for harmonic reducer assembly shall be strictly observed during assembly.


Considerations for 1. wave generators

1. Please avoid applying excessive force to the bearing part of the wave generator during assembly. The insertion can be performed smoothly by rotating the wave generator.

Precautions for 2. Rigid Flexspline

1. Confirm whether the flatness of the installation surface is good and whether there is any skew.

2. Confirm whether the screw hole is bulged, there is residual burr or foreign matter is engaged.

3. Confirm whether chamfering and avoidance processing have been performed on the shell assembly part to avoid interference with the rigid wheel.

4. When the rigid wheel is assembled to the shell, confirm whether it can rotate and whether there is interference and clamping in some parts.

5. When inserting the bolt into the bolt hole for installation, confirm whether the position of the bolt hole is correct and whether the bolt is in contact with the rigid wheel due to the skew processing of the bolt hole, which makes the bolt rotate heavy.

6. Please do not tighten the bolts at one time according to the specified torque. Tighten temporarily with approximately 1/2 of the specified torque before tightening to the specified torque. In addition, usually tighten the bolts in diagonal order.

7. Pinning to the rigid wheel may cause low rotation accuracy, so please avoid it as much as possible.
3. other considerations

1. The harmonic reducer must be installed in a sufficiently clean environment, and no foreign matter can enter the reducer during the installation process, so as to avoid damage to the reducer during use!

2. Please make sure that the gear surface and flexible bearing parts of the reducer are always fully lubricated.

3. After installing the wave generator, please make sure that the engagement between the flexible wheel and the rigid wheel is 180 ° symmetrical. If it deviates to one side, it will cause abnormal vibration and damage the flexspline.

4. After the installation is completed, clear the first low speed (100rpm) operation. If there is abnormal vibration or abnormal noise, please stop immediately, re-check whether the installation is correct or contact our company to avoid damage to the reducer caused by incorrect installation.

Since the harmonic reducer is a high-precision component, please strictly follow the installation instructions during assembly to avoid abnormal harmonic reducer and cause more serious consequences.

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